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Imogen Ashwin

Further and higher education

2001-2002: MA (Fine Art), Norwich School of Art and Design.

1998-2001: BA (Hons) Fine Art, Norwich School of Art and Design (First Class Honours).

1997-1998: Access to Art and Design, Norwich City College (Distinction).

Recent exhibitions, commissions and awards












Artist's Statement

My work is concerned with the interplay between past and present human activity and the landscape. I am interested in the physical and psychological residues that may accrue in particular locations - prehistoric monuments, crossroads, the north side of churches, watery places - and in particular by the way that the irrational continues to be closely interwoven with contemporary life through the persistence of superstition and folklore. My work doesn't seek to be pretty: using diverse means including photography, video, installation and live performance I hope to challenge the passive ingestion of 'heritage' as something at a remove from our lives today, to be gently enjoyed as a leisure activity.

Fascinated by myth, magic and (pre)history, my practice involves spending time in resonant places; sites where things have happened and perhaps still happen. My interest in the ephemeral reveals itself by the leaving of objects to augment the existing layers of memory within particular places, and perhaps to be discovered by passers-by. Sometimes I let the essence of a place unfold, recording and re-presenting my experience of 'just being there'. My aim here is to leave viewers with the uncanny feeling that they have just missed something, something is about to happen, or that a subtle 'something' is already in progress. Often I perform specific tasks or rituals, or set up scenarios, and document them. Increasingly I find myself wanting to work with the ephemeral moment, meaning that the performances are becoming more public; activity that comes and goes.

I'm interested in the extent to which - despite the veneer of our 21st century sophistication - something older and less 'rational' within human nature may affect our unguarded responses to sensory stimuli.

My husband Trevor and I practice as the World Tree creative partnership, based in Reepham, Norfolk. As well as fine art, our work together embraces editing and publishing, graphics, archaeology and history.

May 2012

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