Welcome to this attempt to record and share with you some of my father's experiences of his Army service mainly in Egypt and Palestine.

Photographic, written and other information from Dad's souvenirs are presented to give an indication of his experiences in Egypt, Lemnos (the base for Gallipoli) and Palestine, but set against a background of contemporary events and relevant information.

In offering this segment of history as a personal story, I have, as the son of the main character, found it natural to refer to him as "Dad". Since his death, his souvenirs have been preserved by my sister, Sylvia but during his lifetime it was she who  spoke to him about them and was able to supplement his original annotations on photographs and to record some of his memories. So that all this information  is not lost, even if the physical collection of memorabilia does not survive, Sylvia  has helped and encouraged me to  create this method of preserving it and making it available to others. We are still left with the problem of what to do with the originals!

The site is divided into sections relating to the places where Dad was, an Introduction, a collection of written letters and notes and a large Photo Gallery. This is arranged in themed collections from the nearly 800 images produced by scanning the original photographs, post cards and other material. Navigate the site using the section headings in the banner at the top of each page. Throughout the site there are many links to other web-sites to provide relevant additional information about aspects of the story and its background.

There are still many gaps in our knowledge of these four years  in the life  of the young man  who, just before his nineteenth birthday, volunteered to serve his country. If you care to comment about the site, can provide any relevant information or can point out errors in what I have written, please get in touch with me, Tom Ashmore at tashmore@ukvet.net